Warehouse Management System API

This is a specialized REST API for implementing warehouse management on top of Erply inventory.

As a user, you might rather be interested in the end-user apps and the workflow we offer — instead of the raw API. The processes are documented here:

By default, inventory in Erply is tracked only at warehouse level. Erply knows the total quantity of each product in each warehouse (store).

In larger warehouses, it is desirable to also keep track of the placement of inventory: in which aisle, shelf and bin the items are located, or what is the quantity on each shelf. This is the API that offers these tools.

It does not automatically synchronize with Erply's standard inventory. The expected usage is that all sales and purchase documents or Inventory Transfers must only be created through a frontend that records the same change in both standard Erply and in WMS API (to keep the two in sync).

  1. To find the endpoint specific for your account, use the "getServiceEndpoints" call.
  2. Each endpoint also provides Swagger documentation. For an example, see the documentation provided by the sandbox endpoint:

  3. Use an Erply client code and API session key to make requests. (Send these as headers "clientCode" and "sessionKey".)