In some cases it might happen that a creation request is accidentally sent to the API multiple times. This would then possibly create duplicate entries. To prevent this the new temporaryUUID can be used to identify requests as unique.

Supported Requests

This is supported on the following requests:

  • saveSalesDocument

How to Use

Provide the optional parameter “temporaryUUID” with the request. The feature will only be used if this field is provided.

Each unique request should set a value to this field. This can be something that is generated on the client side and could be used to identify it as unique.

The field value has some restrictions on its content:

  1. It can contain characters a-z+A-Z+0-9
  2. Only symbols . and - are allowed
  3. Can be maximum of 128 characters long

Example: DOC00000001

How It Works

A new request is sent with the temporaryUUID set to DOC00000001

If now another creation request is sent with the same temporaryUUID set to DOC00000001, then this will fail with the API error code 1206. The document can still be edited when the previously created ID is provided with the temporaryUUID.

This temporaryUUID will be remembered for a set period (24H). After this has passed the same UUID value can again be used to create new documents.

(And should it happen that two calls with the same "temporaryUUID" are sent simultaneously, one of them will be rejected with error code 1204).

It is not possible to look up a document using "temporaryUUID". If unsure whether a document got processed or not, API client should just repeat the call.