Create a new Erply account.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
partnerKey This request can only be called if you have our partnerKey. String yes
companyName String yes
firstName String yes
lastName String yes
phone String yes
website String
email String yes

Two-letter ISO-3166 country code: country where the business is located.

For a few countries, signups have been disabled; for those country codes, the API call returns error code 1177.

String yes
region State identifier (for US, CA and AU) String
defaultLanguage Default language of this account. Possible values:
  • eng - English
  • est - Estonian
  • fin - Finnish
  • ger - German
  • gre - Greek
  • lat - Latvian
  • lit - Lithuanian
  • rus - Russian
  • spa - Spanish
  • swe - Swedish
If omitted, 'eng' will be selected as default.
String (3)
addressLine1 String
addressLine2 String
addressPostCode String
addressCountry String
reseller Reseller identifier (account will be visible to the specified reseller) String
username If not defined, it is generated automatically String
password If not defined, it is generated automatically, if password is defined call will return 1100 error if does not contain at least 8 characters or 1102 error if does not contain at least one small letter, one capital letter and one digit String
ipAddress IP address of the user signing up String
context Set to 'inventoryapi' or 'erply'. The wording of the e-mail sent to user is slightly different. Default value is 'erply'. String
customerID If an entry has already been created in Erply customer registry, then caller can provide customer ID. Customer name, contact information, country code, default language, reseller ID, username and password can be omitted. If necessary, just set parameter sendEmail. Integer
planName Name of the plan that user signed up to. For informative purposes only. String
planPrice Monthly fee of the plan that user signed up to. For informative purposes only. String
sendEmail Set to 1 to send an e-mail to the user, containing account information and log-in URL 0 or 1
salonModules Set to 1 to install salon-specific modules. 0 or 1
notes String


Field name Type Description
clientCode String Account number (customer code) of the new account.
clientUrl String URL where the end user can log into Erply back office. This is not the API endpoint URL!.
username String
password String