Delete a customer's "association".

"Associations" are a specific one-to-many, one-way relationship between customers. A customer can have zero or more "associations", each one of which is a customer in itself, and one of which can be the "default association".

To see a list of a customer's "associations", see getCustomers and pass the flag getAssociationsAndProfessionals = 1. API will also return the IDs of these links.

With deleteCustomerAssociation, you can delete the link between two customers, so that one ceases to be an "association" for the other one.

To create a new link between two customers, see API call saveCustomerAssociation.

An identical feature is "customer's professionals". See saveCustomerProfessional and deleteCustomerProfessional.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
relationshipIDs A comma-separated list of relationship IDs to be deleted. String (comma-separated list of integers) yes


Field name Type Description
deletedIDs String Comma-separated list of relationship IDs that were found and successfully deleted.
nonExistingIDs String Comma-separated list of relationship IDs that were not found.