This call is deprecated. We recommend to use PIM API instead.

The corresponding new call is: DELETE /v1/product/package/{ids}.

Remove a package option (eg. "a box of 12", or "a pallet of 2500") from a product.

In back office, packages are listed in the subsection Packages on product card.

To get a list of packages for a product (and their IDs, to be able to delete them), call API getProducts and specify flag getPackageInfo = 1.

To add or edit a package, see saveProductPackage.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required

A comma-separated list of package IDs to be deleted. Refers to the field packageID in API getProducts, sub-structure productPackages.

The list may contain packages from different products.

Recommended length: at most 1000 IDs.

String (comma-separated list of integers) yes


Field name Type Description
deletedIDs String Comma-separated IDs of packages that were found and successfully deleted.
nonExistingIDs String Comma-separated list of values that were not numeric, or IDs which did not refer to a valid, existing package.