Delete a store region.

Store regions can be used for grouping stores (locations, warehouses). The main feature of store regions is that price lists can also be applied to a region, not just individual stores, thereby simplifying price list management. A region can also have an unlimited number of price lists, unlike a location, which is limited to 5 price lists.

To retrieve a list of store regions, see getStoreRegions. To edit a store region or add a new one, see saveStoreRegion. To manipulate with the price lists associated with a region, see API calls addStoreRegionPriceList, editStoreRegionPriceList and removeStoreRegionPriceList.

This API call is available only if "Store regions" module has been enabled on your account.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
storeRegionIDs A comma-separated list of store region IDs to be deleted. String (comma-separated list of integers) yes


Field name Type Description
deletedIDs String Comma-separated IDs of regions that were found and successfully deleted.
nonExistingIDs String Comma-separated list of values that were not numeric, or IDs which did not refer to valid, existing regions.
notDeletableIDs String Comma-separated list of regions that still contain stores (locations) and cannot be deleted. To fix this, use API calls getWarehouses and saveWarehouse to see which locations belong to this region, and recategorize them to a different region (or remove store region ID from these locations).

This API call returns error code 1006 if "Store regions" module has not been enabled on your account.