Get currencies (that have been defined on your Erply account).

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
changedSince Retrieve only items that have been added or modified since the specified timestamp. Use it to keep a local database in sync with Erply. Integer (Unix timestamp)
lang Retrieve item names in a specific language. If omitted, API will return item names in the default language of your Erply account.
Possible values:
  • 'eng' - English
  • 'spa' - Spanish
  • 'ger' - German
  • 'swe' - Swedish
  • 'fin' - Finnish
  • 'rus' - Russian
  • 'est' - Estonian
  • 'lat' - Latvian
  • 'lit' - Lithuanian
  • 'gre' - Greek


Field name Type Description
currencyID Integer
code String
name String Example "US dollar"
rate Decimal Currency rate in relation to default currency
default Integer 1 if yes, 0 if no. Only one currency can be default
nameShort String Example "dollars".
nameFraction String Example "cents"
prefix String The text to be prepended to an amount of money.
suffix String The text to be appended to an amount of money.
added Integer Creation timestamp.
lastModified Integer Last modification timestamp.