Get a list of Home Stores (Sign-up Stores).

Customers have two properties, "Home Store" (the one they visit most often) and "Sign-up Store" (where they were first registered as a loyal customer). In franchise accounts, the list of Home Stores / Sign-up Stores can be larger than just the list of account's own stores (locations). Therefore, to populate the respective drop-downs on customer form, use this API call instead of getWarehouses.

Additionally, getHomeStores will not return those locations that have been designated as the "offline warehouses" for returned items.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
lang Retrieve item names in a specific language. If omitted, API will return item names in the default language of your Erply account.
Possible values:
  • 'eng' - English
  • 'spa' - Spanish
  • 'ger' - German
  • 'swe' - Swedish
  • 'fin' - Finnish
  • 'rus' - Russian
  • 'est' - Estonian
  • 'lat' - Latvian
  • 'lit' - Lithuanian
  • 'gre' - Greek


Field name Type Description
warehouseID Integer ID of the warehouse
name String Name of the warehouse