Get a list of job titles. Job titles are used to specify employee's job area.

To edit a job title or add a new one, see saveJobTitle. To delete a job title, see deleteJobTitle.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
lang  Retrieve item names in a specific language. If omitted, API will return item names in the default language of your ERPLY account.
Possible values:
  • 'eng' - English
  • 'spa' - Spanish
  • 'ger' - German
  • 'swe' - Swedish
  • 'fin' - Finnish
  • 'rus' - Russian
  • 'est' - Estonian
  • 'lat' - Latvian
  • 'lit' - Lithuanian
  • 'gre' - Greek


Field name Type Description
id  Integer   
name  String  job title name.  
order  Integer   
added  Unix timestamp  Creation time.  
lastModified  Unix timestamp  Last modification time.