Retrieve a product's net sales price in a certain location, or net sales price for a specific customer — according to any price lists that apply.

You can query prices for a single product (by supplying parameter productID) or multiple products at a time (by supplying parameter productIDs).

If you do not want a price for a specific customer or location, but just need to know which price lists contain a specific item, see getProductPricesInPriceLists.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
productID Integer
productIDs Multiple product IDs, separated by commas, such as: 1,2,3,4,5. Returns error 1162 if the list is longer than 10 000 elements. String
clientID Customer ID Integer
warehouseID Sales location ID Integer
getPriceCalculationSteps Set to 1 to retrieve a set of records detailing how price list price was received. This feature requires Classic back office, version 4.5.0 or newer. 0 or 1


Field name Type Description
productID Integer string
defaultPrice Decimal string, 2...4 places Price on product card.
defaultPriceWithVAT Decimal, 2 places
specialPrice Decimal string, 2...4 decimal places Price that applies to this sales location or this customer.
specialPriceWithVAT Decimal, 2 places
priceCalculationSteps Array List of records. Each record looks like this:

Field nameTypeDescription
priceListIDIntegerPrice list ID
priceListNameStringPrice list name
priceDecimalUnit price specified in this price list
discountDecimalUnit $ discount given by this price list
typeString"PRICE" or "DISCOUNT"
percentageDecimalDiscount percentage from the price list (only present if the price list specified a percentage discount).

API returns this attribute if parameter "getPriceCalculationSteps" is specified.