Returns supplier price list products.

Contact Erply Helpdesk to enable Supplier Price Lists module on your account. (If not enabled, API returns error 1006.)

API user must have the view rights for all supplier price lists.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
productIDs Multiple product IDs, separated by commas, such as: 1,2,3,4,5 String yes
activePriceList 0 or 1 Integer
priceListStartDateFrom ISO date (yyyy-mm-dd)
priceListStartDateTo ISO date (yyyy-mm-dd)
priceListEndDateFrom ISO date (yyyy-mm-dd)
priceListEndDateTo ISO date (yyyy-mm-dd)


Field name Type Description
productID Integer Product ID.
productCode String First code of the product (by convention, this is used for company's internal code).
productPrice Decimal Discounted net sales price for a product.
productAmount Integer Available only if Quantity discounts module is enabled on your account. The quantity threshold from which the specified price will apply.
productSupplierCode String Supplier Product Code.
productMasterPackQuantity Integer Master Pack Quantity.
productMinimumOrderQuantity Integer Minimum Order Quantity.
productImportCode String Import Code.
productCountryID Integer Country ID.
supplierID Integer Supplier ID.
supplierName String Supplier name.
supplierCode String National ID number (for persons) / Registry code (for companies).
supplierIntegrationCode String Corresponding supplier identifier in a system integrated with Erply (eg. accounting software).
priceListID Integer Price list ID.
priceListName String Price list name.
priceListStartDate ISO date (yyyy-mm-dd)
priceListEndDate ISO date (yyyy-mm-dd)
isActivePriceList Integer 0 or 1
priceListProductID Integer Price list row ID.