Get the total value of all transactions made in the specified register over time (all transactions that have accumulated in Erply).

This API call has been implemented to meet a specific requirement for Swedish Z Reports. For more general sales reports, please see getSalesReport.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
pointOfSaleID Register ID. integer yes


Field name Type Description
totalSales number Total value of all confirmed sales documents (invoices, invoice-waybills, receipts), with VAT, excluding credit invoices. Sales in other currencies are converted to account's default currency.
totalCreditInvoices number Total value of all confirmed credit invoices, with VAT.

This is a negative value (it is returned with a minus sign).

Note that credit invoices may still contain items with positive quantities. In point of sale, it is possible to do an "exchange", where customer returns some items and purchases new ones at the same time. An "exchange" is commonly saved as a Credit Invoice, too.
total number =totalSales+totalCreditInvoices