Returns IDs of all products that can be sold in the given location, according to product card status AND product's status in assortment (the product's status on both product card and in assortment must be "Active" or "No longer ordered").

This API call has been designed specifically for POS, and therefore it has slightly unusual behavior:

  • It returns error code 1137 (and no output) if the assortment has more than 10,000 sellable products. This is not an error condition; it just indicates that the product catalog is large enough that downloading it fully to local database would be unfeasible.
  • It returns error code 1136 (and no output) if the specified location does not have an assortment. This does not mean that it is mandatory to specify assortments for locations. On the contrary, not having an assortment means that a location may sell all products.

An assortment defines which products a particular store is allowed to sell and/or to purchase.

To retrieve a list of assortments, see getAssortments, to edit an assortment or add a new one, see saveAssortment. To manipulate with the products associated with an assortment, see API calls getAssortmentProducts, addAssortmentProducts, removeAssortmentProducts and editAssortmentProducts.

This API call is available only if "Assortments" module has been enabled on your account; otherwise, error code 1006 will be returned.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
warehouseID Integer


Field name Type Description
productID Integer