Confirm that the user knows the data protection requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (a directive passed by European Parliament, taking effect in all the member states of the European Union on May 25, 2018), and agrees to follow these requirements.

This API call is part of the following process:

  1. Employee must confirm that they comply with the regulation. Employee's confirmation can be entered manually on employee form in back office, but if you want to implement some other workflow, use this API call to register the confirmation.

    A plugin is available from Erply which does just that; pops up an information box and asks employee to check a box to indicate their consent.

  2. Manager approves the employee (by clicking a button on employee form in back office).
  3. Finally, the manager can enable access restrictions from back office, Settings → Configuration, so that unapproved employees can no longer access customer information.

If extra module "Employee Consent" has not been installed on your account, error code 1006 is returned. Please contact customer support and ask this module to be installed.

If current user does not have an employee record, error code 1146 is returned.

If user has already given their confirmation, error code 1147 is returned.


Field name Type Description
employeeID Integer ID of the curent user's employee account.
consentTime Unix timestamp Time of consent.