Register that a receipt has been printed out from point of sale.

A list of all receipt printings can be retrieved with API call getReceiptPrints.

This API call has been implemented to meet a specific requirement of Swedish Z Reports, and it is used by Berlin POS only on Swedish accounts. However, it is also possible to implement custom workflows if needed: you can store data with API call "registerReceiptPrint" and fetch it later with "getReceiptPrints".

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
invoiceID  ID of the sales document being printed.

Depending on POS configuration (in the Swedish example), or depending on what you choose to store in case of a custom implementation, this can be a sales document of any type (an invoice-waybill, or even a sales order), not specifically a receipt. 
Integer  yes  
pointOfSaleID  Register at which the sales document was printed Integer  yes  
timestamp  Time of printing. If you issue this API call right before or after printing, omit this parameter and let API set it automatically.  Integer (Unix timestamp)    
isReprint  Indicate if this is a reprint. (A print is a "reprint" if it is produced later — regardless of whether the customer already got a paper receipt at transaction time or not.)  Integer (0 or 1)    


Field name Type Description
invoiceID  Integer  The same ID that was supplied as input.