Add or update business area. Business areas are used to specify area of company client.

To retrieve a list of business areas, see getBusinessAreas. To delete a business area, see deleteBusinessArea.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
businessAreaID  Business area ID. Specify ID to edit an existing record.  Integer    
name  Business area naming. Use either general parameter "name" or one or more of the following parameters if you need to set the names in specific languages.  String    
nameENG    String    
nameSPA    String    
nameGER    String    
nameSWE    String    
nameFIN    String    
nameRUS    String    
nameEST    String    
nameLAT    String    
nameLIT    String    
nameGRE    String    


Field name Type Description
businessAreaID  Integer  business area ID.