Create or update an invoice payment method.

"Payment type" or expected payment method is an informative field on invoices. It indicates how the invoice will likely be paid by the customer. (However, keep in mind that actual payments on the invoice may be different from expected payment type.)

To list existing invoice payment methods, see getInvoicePaymentTypes.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
invoicePaymentTypeID Set this field to edit an existing payment method. Omit to add a new method. Integer
type A code name for this payment method.

In saveSalesDocument and getSalesDocuments API calls, you can refer to a payment method by its code name. This is convenient when working with standard payment methods (CASH, CARD etc.). However, you can also give code names to your own custom payment methods.
name Payment method name. Use either general parameter "name" or one or more of the following parameters if you need to set the names in specific languages. String
nameEST String
nameENG String
nameLAT String
nameRUS String
nameFIN String
paidImmediately Integer 1 or 0


Field name Type Description
invoicePaymentTypeID Integer ID of the newly-created or updated item