Write a custom log entry in user activity log.

User activity log is displayed in ERPLY backend, in Settings » Log of deleted items. As the name suggests, the log is mostly used for tracking deleted records. We strongly recommend to check with ERPLY development team before using the log for custom purposes.

Logs can be queried with getUserOperationsLog, but functionality is currently limited.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
tableName  One of the following: "customers", "employees", "suppliers", "addresses", "currencies", "customerGroups", "emailAccounts", "giftCards", "pointsOfSale", "priceLists", "productGroups", "products", "services", "supplierGroups", "users", "userGroups", "warehouses", "events", "purchaseDocuments", "salesDocuments", "pricelistProducts", "pricelistServices", "pricelistDiscounts", "payments", "inventoryRegistrations", "inventoryTransfers", "inventoryWriteOffs" — or a custom string  String    
userName    String    
timestamp    Unix timestamp    
operation    String(25)  yes  
itemID    Integer    
module    String(25)    


Field name Type Description
logID  Integer  ID of the newly-created item