Update price on product card, for many products simultaneously.

This API call is specifically for updating product card price, but any other mass updates can be done by making API calls in bulk.

For editing product card in general, see saveProduct.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
***** For each product you want to update, send a pair of parameters — "productID" and "netPrice", and add a number at the end of parameter name. Eg.: "productID1" and "netPrice1" for the first item, "productID2" and "netPrice2" for the second item, and so on.
productID# Integer
netPrice# Default sales price of the product, excluding VAT Decimal


Field name Type Description
***** ***** This API call returns no output records. Header field totalRecords returns the total number of products you specified as input, and recordsInResponse indicates the number of updated products.