Update existing promotion tier. Promotion tiers are used to specify promotion execution order and ability to disable some promotions with manual discount reason codes.

To get list of all promotion tiers see API call getPromotionTiers.

To delete a promotion tier see API call deletePromotionTier.

To add new promotion tier see API call insertPromotionTier.

To change promotion tier position in the list see API call movePromotionTier.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
promotionTierID Integer yes
name# Promotion tier name. Replace # with language code. Allowed codes are "EN", "ET", "LV", "RU", "FI", "EL", "ES", "DE", "SV", "LT", "DA", "NL", "PL", "FR", "IT", "TR", "TH", "FO", "VI", "AR", "ZH_HANS", "ZH_HANT". String


Field name Type Description
promotionTierID Integer