Update purchase document row prices. This call makes adjustments to existing rows and does not replace, add or remove any rows. Also works on confirmed documents.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
id ID of the purchase document. Integer yes

Lines (rows) of the purchase document that you want to adjust the prices for. Send the lines as a flat list, each line defined by the following set of parameters. Replace # with set number (1, 2, 3, ...). Set number here does not correspond to row order, the match is done by stable row id instead. For example: stableRowID1, price1


Stable ID of the invoice row. This field is required; it identifies the row that needs to be updated.

Stable IDs are assigned to rows automatically, by API, and are returned from both savePurchaseDocument and getPurchaseDocuments.

Integer yes
price# Original net price (pre-discount) per item. Decimal
supplierPriceListSupplierCode# String
supplierPriceListImportCode# String
supplierPriceListNotes# String


Field name Type Description
invoiceID Integer ID of the updated document