Validate customer's web shop user name and password.

This API call is for building a web shop that has a log-in (members-only) area. In Erply Customer module, you can assign a user name and password for each of your customers. (These user names / passwords DO NOT grant the customer any access into your Erply account, and cannot be used for that purpose. They can only be used in your web shop.)

Use API verifyCustomerUser to validate the user name and password and retrieve the customer record that these credentials belong to. Calling This API call will not create any "session" or make the customer somehow logged into API; it just serves a verification purpose.

Instead, if you want to learn how to generally authenticate yourself when connecting to Erply API — to be able to issue any API calls at all — see verifyUser.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
username String yes
password String yes


Field name Type Description
clientID Integer ID of the customer in customer registry
clientUsername String customer's username (the same that was used for logging in)
clientName String Full name of the customer
clientFirstName String Customer's given name
clientLastName String Customer's surname
clientGroupID Integer ID of the customer group where the user belongs
clientGroupName String name of the customer group
companyID Integer ID of company (if user is a contact person of a particular company)
companyName String