Create a new user to Erply using signed tokens. This call is used for single sign-on integration, we accept user data containing token for logging into Erply, this token will be validated using public key server.

If required configuration is missing or contains incorrect format errors 1187 or 1188 will be returned, configuration data can be set using setOAuthConfiguration call.

If token parsing failed error 1191 will be returned with related field name.

If token does not contain required information error 1172 will be returned.

If user already exist error 1175 will be returned.

If user "roles" cannot be matched with any Erply user group error 1059 will be returned.

Here is the intended use case explained in more detail.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
idToken Json Web Token containing user data, required fields - "mail", "roles" - set of user roles, optionally - "givenName" and "familyName". String yes


Field name Type Description
userID Integer ID of the created user.
userGroupID Integer ID of a group, assigned to user.
employeeID Integer ID of the employee, created for user.