This API call is used for verifyOAuthToken and createUserFromOAuthToken configuration storing. Data can be retrieved using call getOAuthConfiguration. If provided data is not a valid JSON error 1014 will be returned.

Here is the intended use case explained in more detail.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
value JSON with OAuth configuration data, expected format - {"publicKeyUrl";"","userGroupMapping";[{"userGroupId";0,"tokenPermissions";[""]}]}. New value will replace existing.

Explained fields:

Field nameTypeDescription
publicKeyUrlstringURL for public key getting
userGroupMappingarrayarray contains arrays, each of them is one mapping of roles set to Erply user group id
userGroupMapping->userGroupIdintErply user group id
userGroupMapping->tokenPermissionsarray of stringspermissions provided by idToken
String yes