Get customer's current number of reward points.

Reward points accumulate automatically from customer's purchases. In Erply backend, you can set up how many reward points a customer earns for each $1 spent, and the reward points will accrue automatically from that point on.

To subtract the points ("redeem" or "use" them), use subtractCustomerRewardPoints.

Unfortunately, there no way yet to retrieve point balances for all customers simultaneously.

To add points manually (although you typically do not need to do that), see addCustomerRewardPoints. If you are building a custom loyalty program, you may also take a look at getEarnedRewardPointRecords and getUsedRewardPointRecords — to retrieve a detailed list of all transactions where customer has earned or spent points.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
customerID Customer's ID Integer yes


Field name Type Description
points Integer Customer's points