Retrieve Inventory Write-Offs.

Inventory Write-Off is a document that removes products from inventory; it contains a list of items and quantities.

Products can be added to stock with Inventory Registrations (see getInventoryRegistrations) and moved between locations with Inventory Transfers (see getInventoryTransfers).

To create an Inventory Write-Off, see saveInventoryWriteOff. To delete one, see deleteInventoryWriteOff.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
inventoryWriteOffID ID of Inventory Write-Off Integer
inventoryWriteOffIDs Multiple Inventory Write-Off IDs, separated by commas, such as: 1,2,3,4,5. String
warehouseID Retrieve inventory write-offs of a specific location (warehouse, store). See getWarehouses. Integer
dateFrom Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
dateTo Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
getCost If set to 1, API also returns the cost. Integer
searchAttributeName Name of attribute to search from. Both "searchAttributeName" and "searchAttributeValue" have to be specified. Error 1030 will be returned if value is an array. String
searchAttributeValue Attribute value to search for. Error 1030 will be returned if value is an array. String
changedSince Retrieve only items that have been added or modified since the specified timestamp. Use it to keep a local database in sync with Erply. Integer (Unix timestamp)
recordsOnPage Number of records API should return. By default 20, at most 100. Integer
pageNo API returns at most recordsOnPage items at a time. To retrieve the next recordsOnPage items, send a new request with pageNo incremented by one. By default, API returns "page 1". Integer


Field name Type Description
inventoryWriteOffID Integer ID of inventory write-off
inventoryWriteOffNo Integer Inventory write-off number
creatorID Integer
warehouseID Integer
stocktakingID Integer
inventoryID Integer
recipientID Integer
currencyCode String Currency code: EUR, USD.
currencyRate Decimal eg. 1.25543
Exchange rate of the inventory registration currency against system's default currency.
date Date eg. 2010-01-29
inventoryTransactionDate Date Inventory transaction date.
This is the date on which the document was confirmed and when the items on this document were added into inventory, or removed from inventory. While "document date" can be edited by users at any time, "inventory transaction date" is always set by Erply and cannot be changed.
Inventory Reports and COGS reports are based on the inventory transaction date.
comments String
reasonID Integer
confirmed Integer 0 or 1
added Unix timestamp Creation time.
lastModified Unix timestamp Last modification time.
rows Array Each row contains the following fields:

Field nameTypeDescription
stableRowIDIntegerStable row ID.
productIDIntegerID of the product.
priceDecimalProduct price.
amountDecimalProduct amount.
costDecimalAPI returns this attribute if parameter "getCost" is specified.
jdocObjectContains data that is saved using the JSON Api. Contents of this field change depending on what is saved into the json field. Output is always given as valid json or null when the field is not set.
Example: {"myValue":"123"}
attributes Array Additional attributes. Each item looks like this:

Field nameTypeDescription
attributeNameStringAttribute name
attributeTypeStringAttribute type
attributeValueStringAttribute value