Create an Inventory Write-Off or update an existing one.

Inventory Write-Off is a document that removes products from inventory; it has a list of items and quantities.

Non-stock products and bundles cannot be on Inventory Write-Offs (these items do not have inventory).

Products can be added to stock with Inventory Registrations (see getInventoryRegistrations and saveInventoryRegistration) and moved between locations with Inventory Transfers (see getInventoryTransfers and saveInventoryTransfer).

To retrieve a list of Inventory Write-Offs, see getInventoryWriteOffs.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
inventoryWriteOffID Inventory write-off ID.
Set this parameter to update an existing Inventory Write-Off.

If the Erply account has upgraded inventory module (indicated by the (i) signifier at the lower right corner, after version number, in Erply backend), and the write-off is already in confirmed status, it is no longer possible to change:
  • warehouseID
  • currencyCode
  • document rows.
API will return error 1017 if you attempt to change any of those fields.
creatorID Company user unique ID Integer
reasonID ID of the reason. See getReasonCodes. Integer yes
warehouseID ID of the warehouse Integer yes
stocktakingID ID of the inventory stocktaking act, returns error 1186 if provided inventory stocktaking is already connected with inventory write-off. Integer
recipientID ID of the recipient of goods Integer
currencyCode Currency code: EUR, USD. Currency must be present in the system.
If omitted, default currency will be used.
date eg. 2010-01-29
If omitted, current date will be used.
comments String
confirmed By default 1 0 or 1
***** Document lines (rows). Send document lines as a flat list, each line defined by the following set of parameters. Replace # with set number (1, 2, 3, ...). For example: productID1, amount1, price1 for the first Inventory Write-Off row, productID2, amount2, price2 for the second one and so on.
productID# Product ID for this document line. Integer yes
amount# Amount for this document line Decimal yes
price# Unit cost. NB! It is typically unnecessary to set this field, because Erply removes items from stock according to FIFO principle (items are subtracted from the oldest batch currently in stock) and the cost is taken automatically from that batch. Decimal


Field name Type Description
inventoryWriteOffID Integer ID of the newly-created item