Increment a product's counted quantity on a stocktaking act.

Use this call to implement a custom scanning / counting application. The application should issue an "incrementStocktakingReading" API call for each counted item; then the totals will be correct even if multiple devices are counting and updating quantities simultaneously.

For related API calls, see getStocktakings, getStocktakingReadings and saveStocktaking.

If you want to update quantities in bulk (and your script is the only one modifiying the stocktaking, so there are no concurrency issues), you may use saveStocktakingReadings.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
deviceID deviceID and recordID can to be specified both or omitted both. Integer
recordID Integer
stocktakingID Stocktaking ID. Integer yes
productID# Product ID. Integer yes
countPcs# Integer or decimal yes


Field name Type Description
recordID Integer
stocktakingID Integer