Drop an amount of cash in register.

By convention, a cash drop with an amount of 0 is an indicator of "No Sale", ie. just opening the drawer. So if you want to record drawer openings (and have these printed on the Z Report), send a cash drop event with amount 0.

For cash payouts, use POSCashOUT. To get a list of all cash drops and cash payouts, use getCashIns.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
transactionID  Cash drop transaction ID.
Set this parameter to update an existing Transaction. 
pointOfSaleID  Point of sale ID  Integer  yes  
employeeID  Employee doing the cash drop. If omitted, Erply assumes cash drop was done by the user who sent the API call.  Integer    
sum    Decimal  yes  
currencyCode  Currency code: EUR, USD. Currency must be defined in Erply. If omitted, or an unknown currency code is provided, API uses your default currency instead.  String (3)    
comment    String (255)    
added  Time when this cash drop took place. Correct timestamps are very important for the day end Z Report to be correct. If omitted, InventoryAPI uses current server timestamp.  Unix timestamp    
*****  Additional attributes associated with this item.
Attributes must be supplied as a flat list, each attribute defined by the following set of three parameters. Replace # with set number (1, 2, 3, ...). When updating an existing entry, API will only update the attributes specified in input data and leave all other existing attributes unchanged. To delete an attribute, set its value to 'null' or 'undefined'.  
attributeName#  Attribute name. Name can only contain the following symbols: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, dash and underscore.  String    
attributeType#  Attribute type, possible types are 'text', 'int' and 'double'. By default 'text'.  String    
attributeValue#  Value of the attribute. Set value to 'null' or 'undefined' to delete an attribute.
'text' attribute can be any string, maximum 255 characters.
'int' must be a signed 32-bit integer.
'double' must be a decimal number. 


Field name Type Description
transactionID  Integer  ID of the created/updated cash drop transaction.  
pointOfSaleID  Integer    
addedUnixTime  Unix timestamp