Clock out an employee.

Timeclock records are used for Time and Attendance Report. (If you have the module enabled on your ERPLY account, see Reports » Commission, timeclock » Time and Attendance Report.)

To clock in an employee, use clockIn. To retrieve all timeclock records, use getClockIns.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
employeeID  Employee ID  Integer  yes  
pointOfSaleID  Register ID. This may be omitted, but if one employee works in several locations, it becomes necessary to calculate the work hours in each location separately.  Integer    
warehouseID    Integer    
InUnixTime  Clock-in time. This is a required input parameter, since API uses it to find the correct timeclock record and update it.  Unix timestamp  yes  
OutUnixTime  Clock-out time  Unix timestamp  yes  


Field name Type Description
employeeID  Integer    
pointOfSaleID  Integer    
InUnixTime  Unix timestamp    
OutUnixTime  Unix timestamp    
warningNotClockedInYet  Boolean  If there is no corresponding clock-in record yet, InventoryAPI automatically creates it and sets this flag to true. This is just for information.  
warningClockedOutAlready  Boolean  If the employee has already clocked out (ie., InventoryAPI finds the timeclock record with matching employee ID and clock-in time and notices it has already been closed), then clock-out time gets updated and InventoryAPI raises this flag. This is just for information.  

This API call returns error 1006 if timeclock module is not enabled on your account.