Edit an existing record in supplier price list.

Contact Erply Helpdesk to enable Supplier Price Lists module on your account. (If not enabled, API returns error 1006.)

API call editProductInSupplierPriceList does not allow to change product ID (nor amount, if Quantity discounts module is enabled). To switch product, the supplier price list row should be deleted using API call deleteProductsFromSupplierPriceList and a new one should be added using API call addProductToSupplierPriceList.
If you need to retrieve the products that are on the supplier price list, use the getProductsInSupplierPriceList API call.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
supplierPriceListProductID Supplier price list row ID. To get the records use the getProductsInSupplierPriceList API call. Integer yes
price Discounted net sales price for a product. Price must be a non-negative decimal. Decimal
**** **** The following fields are informative, and setting these values does not affect the behavior of API or back office.
Custom integrations can use these fields as they see fit, and implement the respective features — eg. enforce "Master Pack Quantity" and "Minimum Order Quantity" on a custom-built reordering form.
supplierCode Supplier Product Code. String(50)
masterPackQuantity Master Pack Quantity must be non-negative integer. Integer
minimumOrderQuantity Minimum Order Quantity must be non-negative integer. Integer
importCode Import Code. String(50)
countryID Country ID. Integer


Field name Type Description
supplierPriceListProductID Integer ID of the edited supplier price list row.