Edit an existing record in reward point usage history (where an amount has been subtracted from customer's point balance).

The history (and transactionIDs) can be retrieved with getUsedRewardPointRecords.

Under normal circumstances, you should not use this method; this is only for transfering points history from one customer to another, or for correcting errors in points history. To add or remove points, use subtractCustomerRewardPoints and addCustomerRewardPoints instead.

Related API calls for editing the history of earned reward points are getEarnedRewardPointRecords and editEarnedRewardPointRecord.

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
transactionID Record ID. Integer yes
customerID Change customer ID on the record. Integer
invoiceID Change invoice ID on the record (the sale that subtracted the points). Integer
campaignID Change promotion ID (the promotion that caused the points to be subtracted). Integer
warehouseID Change warehouse (store, location) ID (location where the points were subtracted). Integer
salepointID Change register ID. Integer
salespersonID Change cashier who applied the reward point-subtracting promotion. Integer
issuedCouponID Change ID of the issued coupon (if reward points were exchanged for a coupon). Available only if "Reward point extras" module is enabled on your account. Integer
description Change comment. Available only if "Reward point extras" module is enabled on your account. String


Field name Type Description
transactionID Integer Transaction ID.