Retrieve timeclock records.

An employee can be clocked in with API call clockIn and clocked out with clockOut.

Timeclock records are used for Time and Attendance Report. (If you have the module enabled on your ERPLY account, see Reports » Commission, timeclock » Time and Attendance Report.)

Input parameters

Parameter name Description Possible value Required
timeclockRecordID  Timeclock record ID  Integer    
employeeID  Employee ID  Integer    
warehouseID  Warehouse ID  Integer    
notClockedOut  If set to 1, fetches only those timeclock records which have not been closed yet  Integer (0 or 1)    
inUnixTimeFrom    Unix timestamp    
inUnixTimeUntil    Unix timestamp    
outUnixTimeFrom    Unix timestamp    
outUnixTimeUntil    Unix timestamp    


Field name Type Description
timeclockRecordID  Integer    
employeeID  Integer    
warehouseID  Integer    
InUnixTime  Unix timestamp  Clock-in time  
OutUnixTime  Unix timestamp  Clock-out time. If employee has not clocked out yet, this field is set to 0.  

This API call returns error 1006 if timeclock module is not enabled on this account.